101 Most Insanely Useful Car Care Sites

We conducted extensive research to compile this comprehensive list of the 101 Most Insanely Useful Car Care sites on the web.  There’s a wealth of information available for vehicle owners, drivers, gearheads, and auto enthusiasts.  Some of the topics covered are auto detailing & washing, car buying, DIY repairs, vehicle & driver safety, standard maintenance, and tips for drivers.

The list is separated into 5 categories: General Care & Ownership, Detailing & Washing, DIY Troubleshooting & Repairs, Maintenance, and Safety.


General Care & Ownership


Angie’s List



A well-known and trusted source of reviews and information about service providers, Angie’s List also offers informational articles for users. The site’s guide to auto care offers a large list of tips and guides for vehicle efficiency, maintenance and repair. There is also a large section of the guide dedicated to the cost of repairs, which can be used side-by-side with the site’s service provider reviews to help car owners plan their future repairs.


Auto Blog



True to its name, Auto Blog is a comprehensive blog offering topics of interest to car owners and drivers of all descriptions. The site provides car buying guides and listings for a multitude of vehicles as well as news from the auto world and tips for car owners.


Auto Education



Auto Education has been online since 1999 and provides a wealth of information about car ownership and care. One of the site’s goals is bridging the gap between mechanics and drivers by answering questions and explaining complex terminology and processes. In addition to the extensive blog and article collection, the site also offers advice and answers to specific reader questions.





Designed with the car buyer in mind, AutoBytel provides information on new and used cars. The site offers an inventory and reviews as well as information about financing and car buying tips. In addition to being able to save your recently viewed cars to a user account’s “My Garage” feature, visitors can also collect and view articles on car ownership and safety.


Automotive Training Center



For a century, the Automotive Training Center has offered mechanic certifications and professional training for auto mechanics. Today, its website serves as both a resource for mechanics and a source of information for regular drivers. The blog runs a variety of repair and replacement guides for common vehicle complaints.        


Car Audio Now



A website devoted to vehicle sound systems, Car Audio Now offers buying guides and product recommendations for speakers, subwoofers, alarms and other sound accessories. Troubleshooting and problem-solving guides for common sound-system issues are available.


Car Seat Experts



The Car Seat Experts website provides extensive information about car seats and accessories, including specialized seat covers that can protect your car’s interior as well as product recommendations for car seats to use in a convertible.


Car Talk



The Car Talk website, acting as a companion to the popular television show, provides answers to frequently asked questions as well as general car care advice and more. There is also an online forum community and mechanic files for finding a qualified mechanic in your area.





This online magazine features the latest news and reviews relating to dozens of vehicle brands from Acura to Wiesmann. Auto enthusiasts need only to click on their favorite brands to find a wealth of articles covering specific models. Some pages also include vehicle specs, trim information, current pricing and estimated gas mileage.





Not actually affiliated with any state’s Department of Motor Vehicles, DMV.org is a well-known source of information on car registration, insurance, driver’s safety and more. The site’s content includes buying and selling guides, tips for avoiding flood-damaged cars, the process of getting a car registered and more.


Elite Auto Repair



A repair shop operated by David Schultz in Tempe, Arizona, Elite Auto Repair also houses an active blog. Topics are of general interest to drivers, ranging from buying a new car to auto repair tips and maintenance information.


Fuel & Friction



A website catering to car and truck enthusiasts, Fuel & Friction offers a range of articles covering topics that aren’t often found in other places, such as extensive guides about fuel. The site’s “Weekend Warrior” section is geared toward performance vehicle enthusiasts, including racing and off-roading vehicles, with an emphasis on topics of special interest to those drivers.


Green Cars



Green Cars is committed to eco-friendly car technology. The blog publishes green car news and resources as well as product ratings and reviews. There are also tips for how to improve fuel efficiency and maintenance tips for specialized “green” vehicles.


How Stuff Works



A massive compilation site providing insights into how things work, How Stuff Works is like an online encyclopedia of knowledge. Its “Auto” section includes a variety of car topics, explaining how various systems work as well as offering tips and advice for car owners. There are also explanations for how to buy and sell cars, news about modern car technology and even information about car racing and other specialized topics.


Les Schwab



A well-known tire brand, Les Schwab maintains a website packed with valuable information. In addition to selling products, the site houses a learning center filled with driving and care safety tips. Many of the articles, as can be expected, are focused on tires, from choosing the right tire to proper tire maintenance.





Lifewire is a site about technology, from home electronics to vehicles. Articles on the site cover how-to topics as well as tips, tricks and guides for making the most of technology. The car care articles are focused primarily on the electronic and computerized aspects of a vehicle, such as diagnostic scanners, car audio systems, fuses and batteries.


My First Car Guide



Like the name says, My First Car Guide offers an extensive guide for new and potential car owners. The articles on the site provide a primer for many important topics, from walking buyers through the steps of car shopping and financing through to routine maintenance and tips for road trips. There are also product reviews for certain essential car care products, helping amateur drivers to make informed decisions regarding things like jump starters and dash cams.


Openbay Overdrive



Providing a combination of car industry news and resources for drivers, Openbay Overdrive is a robust site offering plenty of car-related information. Blog articles cover topics ranging from maintenance and repair tips to seasonal considerations and even car facts and history.


Popular Mechanics



One of the best-known publications in the field of vehicles and technology, Popular Mechanics is a trusted source of news and information. The website features articles on tech-related topics, including auto technology and trends. With a combination of forward-looking news and tech predictions and DIY articles for car owners, the site offers plenty of value to car enthusiasts.


The Balance



The Balance is a personal finance website providing articles and “life hack” tips for saving money, investing, career development and other related topics. The site offers an extensive selection of articles about car insurance and loans, providing information to help savvy drivers get the most value from their vehicles. Topics across the site run the gamut from overviews of basic concepts to detailed answers for specific questions and problems, providing a wealth of information for visitors.


Truck Trend Network



A site for truck and SUV enthusiasts, Truck Trend Network offers content of specific interest to these types of vehicles. Along with how-to articles, the site features truck reviews and news about upcoming vehicle models.





A personal finance website, WalletHub is home to free credit reports and monitoring, credit improvement tips and advice on several financial topics. One area of expertise on the site is car insurance with a variety of articles on the topic available.  They cover practical advice like what to do after an accident, the different types of insurance coverages available, and how to save money on auto insurance.





A network of mechanics who make house calls across 700 cities, YourMechanic is a unique service for car owners. Aside from providing information about the service and ways to get a quote, the company’s website also offers a wealth of information through its blog. Articles include general car care and maintenance topics as well as answers to common questions.

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Detailing & Washing





A car publication made for and by car enthusiasts, Autoevolution offers a combination of car news, reviews, photography and editorials. Most articles are focused on news and developments in the car world, but some articles are more focused on car care and home maintenance. Many of the tips offered are aimed at specific car types, including specialty vehicles, and Autoevolution tends to target a more up-scale audience of enthusiasts.





A retail site for car care and detailing supplies, Autogeek is also home to detailing classes and how-to articles and tutorials for DIY car detailing. Content includes facts, tricks and strategies for restoring a vehicle or keeping it clean.


Autopia Car Care



Autopia Car Care, an online retailer of car detailing products, provides a variety of articles providing step-by-step instructions about car-cleaning tasks. These include interior and exterior care as well as more specialized detailing techniques and information about the tools they require.


Behind the Detail



Featuring car care tips and cleaning tutorials, Behind the Detail is a valuable resource for any DIY car detailing project. The blog combines product reviews with tutorials and in-depth discussions of various detailing methods. Behind the Detail is run by Dr. Beasley’s, a company that specializes in creating and manufacturing detailing products.


Car HQ



A blog providing expert advice for car owners, Car HQ primarily focuses on product reviews and buying guides to help drivers find the best parts and accessories for their vehicles. These guides are very specific and frequently updated, providing an extensive resource for car owners looking for suggestions on things as diverse as window tinting, octane boosters, headlights and battery chargers.


Chemical Guys



Chemical Guys is a retailer of detailing products for use on cars, motorcycles and boats.  The Chemical Guys’ website hosts how-to videos and articles on car care and detailing processes in addition to selling tools and cleaning products. There’s also a forum community where car owners can get quick answers to their vehicle-related questions.





DSPORT, owned by Hard Media Inc., is a “Performance + Tech Magazine,” delivering current news and information on concept cars and other developments in car technology. The site is a great educational resource on car-care. There are a variety of how-to guides for car owners. Catering to auto enthusiasts, they provide information on performance and high-end vehicles. In addition to sharing blog posts and videos, DSPORT publishes a 12-issue annual print magazine.


Eco Touch



Eco Touch is a manufacturer and retailer of car-detailing products and accessories. There are a variety of instructional videos on DIY car detailing; washing, waxing, engine grease removal, and car interior care are some of the topics covered. Many of the videos feature Eco Touch products, giving buyers a chance to see them in action.


Fuel & Friction



Sponsored by Boost Performance Products, Fuel & Friction’s articles about cars, trucks and high-performance vehicles are written by industry experts. There is a heavy emphasis on trucks and, true to its name, fuel. If you’re looking for an informative comparison of fuel additives or tips for fuel efficiency, this site provides a wealth of information.


The Ultimate Guide to Detailing



The Ultimate Guide to Detailing is a website dedicated to car detailing and restoration. It’s filled with articles that support every aspect of the guide, from the basics of car detailing to specific considerations for show cars and vehicles that require a little extra TLC. A variety of information on techniques, tools and products is available to auto fanatics.





A blog written by and for auto enthusiasts, RallyWays has a gallery of professional photos and tips for car owners. They cover auto shows and meets taking place across the country. Most of the articles and news on the site is geared toward people with specialty cars, including muscle cars and classic automobiles.


Smart Motorist



Smart Motorist seeks to bring car ownership into the 21st century with tips and guides on modern car technology and the safety concerns unique to our modern roadways. The site contains guides on buying and financing a car, vehicle safety, car maintenance and repair, security issues and car accessories. One of the most popular articles on the site is a step-by-step guide to washing and detailing your vehicle.


The Family Handyman



Sponsored by Reader’s Digest, The Family Handyman is a site dedicated to offering DIY tips and instructions to homeowners. The articles are focused on all forms of home improvement and other do-it-yourself tasks, ranging from plumbing and electrical topics to car ownership and maintenance. How-to guides for car detailing, DIY painting, auto maintenance and repairs are available in photo-based slideshows and informative articles.


Your Mechanic



Your Mechanic is a unique service for car owners with a network of mechanics who make house calls across 700 cities. Aside from providing information about the service and ways to get a quote, they bring a wealth of information to readers through their blog. Readers will find answers to common questions and information on car care and maintenance. 

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DIY Troubleshooting & Repairs





An educational site, 2CarPros is provides car owners with unbiased information about auto maintenance and repair. Articles on the site range from DIY guides to how-things-work topics, helping drivers become more informed and empowered car owners. Whether you’re looking to handle your own repairs or just want to be sure you’re getting a good deal, the guides on this site can provide some valuable insight.





AA1Car is an excellent source for DIY auto repair.  There’s information on everything from diagnosing and repairing common vehicle problems to reading diagnostic codes, caring for your car, and troubleshooting electrical problems.





AutoMD is a site dedicated to car repair and maintenance information. There is an auto repair shop directory and user reviews, recall information and an extensive collection of how-to guides for DIY car maintenance and repair. The site also includes steps for diagnosing specific car troubles and a community-based Q&A that allows for users to ask and answer questions about car troubles.





A site offering articles on the “nuts and bolts of all things motorized,” AxleAddict accepts user submissions for articles about the automotive industry, car repair, auto buying/selling and much more.


Backyard Mechanic



Offering repair tutorials and how-to guides for DIY mechanics, BackyardMechanic is a good source for general repair information. In addition to tips and tricks for car owners, it also includes reviews of OBD2 scanner tools and recommendations for at-home car diagnostics.


Build Threads



People love to share the stories and pictures of their automotive builds, and Build Threads aims to curate as many of these forum-based “journals” as possible. From garage space to complete vehicle overhauls, fans of DIY builds and car customizations will find it here. New build thread submissions are encouraged.





Offering an extensive video library of car maintenance and repair guides, CarCareKiosk is a no-frills informational powerhouse for people looking to handle DIY repairs. The guides are divided by make and model, allowing for easy reference. In addition to car repair videos and articles, the site also offers insight into parts, tools and gear as well as tips for finding a local mechanic.





A retailer of car accessories, CARiD offers products for vehicle interiors, exteriors, performance, lighting, sound systems and more. The site is also home to a large list of automotive articles, including shopping guides for a variety of vehicle accessories and parts as well as details on car repair tools and necessary equipment.





Cars.com offers expert and user reviews of cars as well as an extensive search ability for buying and selling cars. Its DIY auto repair page provides videos and step-by-step instructions for common car maintenance tasks, like oil changes and tire replacement. Videos are searchable based on the year/make/model, making it easy to find the most useful information.


Danny’s Engine Portal



Danny’s Engine Portal is dedicated to troubleshooting and repairing car engine troubles. Engine help topics include performance, leaks, starter problems, oil and additives, engine noises and more. The articles contain detailed information providing a good starting point for DIY troubleshooting and repair.





DIYAutoWorksNG is a blog offering detailed advice and guides for car owners looking to handle their own car repairs. Topics covered include diagnostics, maintenance and DIY procedures and advice for a variety of car repairs, from recharging an AC system to shock replacement.





EasyAutoDiagnostics.com, true to its name, is a home for troubleshooting and diagnostic advice for many popular car makes/models. In addition to decoding error messages, the site also offers an index of miscellaneous repair topics.





EricTheCarGuy provides answers to common and not-so-common automotive questions. Resources for car owners and drivers are provided in both articles and videos, with a forum available for interactive real-time car advice. The primary focus of the site is on affordable DIY car solutions, including troubleshooting.





Created to focus on the “problem cars” from the 1990s and 2000s, FixMyOldRide.com is a site dedicated to old car maintenance and repair. Articles focus on DIY mechanical work and common problems seen in these old but not yet classic cars.


Fourwheeler Network



A site for four-wheeling enthusiasts, Fourwheeler Network provides news, tech, reviews and how-to guides for off-roading and related topics. All guides are written with the specific needs of sporting vehicles in mind.





In addition to auto repair advice and answers, FreeAutoMechanic.com provides resources for DIY auto repair. These include diagrams and manuals for a variety of vehicles, including wiring diagrams for the electrical components of many types of vehicle.





Part of the Gizmodo group of sites, Lifehacker is focused on tips and tricks for your day-to-day life. Topics vary, with articles and videos providing both in-depth instructions and quick tips. The site’s car section offers DIY repair and maintenance solutions as well as “life hacks” or unexpected solutions and shortcuts for common problems.


How A Car Works



As the name suggests, How A Car Works offers detailed guides and explanations about a car’s systems and how they run. With articles, blog posts and videos detailing the inner workings of motor vehicles, the site offers insights for car owners and enthusiasts. The site’s content goes deeper than many car maintenance guides, offering a more scientific approach to understanding vehicles. Users can also download their car’s user manual for free from the site.


If It Jams



Featuring a straightforward and methodical approach to car care and tech repair, If It Jams provides a variety of flowcharts designed to help with troubleshooting. Running the user through a variety of possible problems and their solutions, the guides cover common issues like electrical issues, overheating, brake problems and other issues.





ItMyCar.com is an extensive general information car blog featuring product reviews, maintenance tips, infographics and fun car facts. Topics vary from beginner overviews to more in-depth guides, but the site is aimed primarily at a casual audience.





Part of the Gizmodo group of sites, Jalopnik is all about cars. It includes articles, videos, reviews and entertaining content aimed at car enthusiasts.


Know Your Parts (AASA)



Owned by the Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA), Know Your Parts is a website designed for professionals.  Find product information and technical resources from top auto-parts manufacturers. Automotive chemicals, brake components, drive-train and fuel systems are just a few of the topics covered. Guides are more advanced than many car care websites, providing a helpful resource for mechanics and others looking for more detailed information.


Mercedes Medic



Mercedes Medic provides troubleshooting and repair guides for Mercedes Benz owners. The site includes articles and links to helpful tools and resources for maintaining and repairing a Mercedes.


Mustang 360



Dedicated to the Ford Mustang, this magazine provides up-to-date news and reviews of new and upcoming Mustang models, modifications and components. The website also includes a how-to section with care topics covering paint and body, drivetrain, engine, wheel and other parts of the vehicle.





Sporting auto repair and maintenance advice written by an experienced mechanic, MyAutoRepairAdvice.com offers no-nonsense guides for car owners. Topics are broken out into sub-categories like troubleshooting, simple repairs, major repairs and maintenance. In addition to the available articles on the site, there are also resources listed for asking a mechanic to get real-time advice.





An automotive blog affiliated with Summit Racing Equipment, OnAllCylinders focuses on vehicle performance and car culture. Articles range from news and upcoming car events to tech articles related to troubleshooting and repair.





Part of the Power Automedia Group, StangTV offers videos and articles of interest to fans of the Ford Mustang. Topics include car tech, upcoming events and news, after-market modification systems and more.


Super Chevy



A publication celebrating all models of Chevrolet, Super Chevy features new, reviews and tech guides. In addition to the articles, which cover topics ranging from how-to to feature reviews, there is also a forum where Chevy lovers can discuss their favorite cars and related topics.


Humble Mechanic



Humble Mechanic is a blog maintained by a professional mechanic. The site offers a combination of articles, videos and audio podcasts that cover a wide range of topics. In addition to standard car care and maintenance information, the site also provides behind-the-scenes glimpses of work as a mechanic.





A site focused on providing answers to a user’s burning questions, ThoughtCo offers informative articles on a variety of topics. The car and motorcycle sections contain information on vehicle maintenance, repair, and car buying and selling basics. There are also reviews of cars and car care products. Articles are submitted by several writers and experts, providing a variety of insights on the topics they address.


Transmission Repair Cost Guide



The transmission is one of the most important parts of a car and among the costliest to fix. Transmission Repair Cost Guide looks at the cost of transmission repair and replacement as well as providing diagnostic advice for identifying and solving common problems.





A blog catering to drivers and those who love RVs. WheelOnRoad has posts on auto accessories, maintenance and lifehack-style tips for better car performance and efficiency. In addition to car care topics, there are many posts related to RVs and the RVing lifestyle.





An online magazine dedicated to car lovers, WheelZine provides a wealth of how-to information and guides for drivers. Articles frequently feature infographics and lay out their information in easy-to-digest bites, making it a great guide for beginners looking for answers to their burning car care questions.





Built through user submissions and boasting an extensive collection of how-to articles, WikiHow is known for being a site where basic overviews of all sorts of tasks can be found. The car-care sections cover a variety of topics, from how to change a tire, buy a car, replace a car engine and more. The articles are not as detailed as those that can be found on more specialized sites, but they are fully illustrated and provide a wonderful overview of basic concepts.


You Fix Cars



You Fix Cars offers articles and guides on DIY auto repair. In addition to troubleshooting advice and information about common auto systems like engines and transmissions, there are also car and motorcycle manuals and insurance-related topics.

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Adorecars.com is a blog for car enthusiasts, featuring articles on concept cars and other next-generation technologies. The site also provides advice for car owners, including tips for car care, maintenance and repair. Guides frequently include links and reviews of relevant products, making it easier for visitors to find solutions to their car care issues.


Advance Auto Parts



Advance Auto Parts is a well-known retailer of auto parts, but its website offers far more than a listing of products. The site offers extensive how-to advice for car owners, including articles on maintenance, modding, cleaning, detailing and car technology. Guides can be searched by topic or browse by the vehicle system type, like brakes or tires, making it easy to find the information you’re looking for in a hurry.


Auto Parts Warehouse



A well-known distributor of auto parts and accessories, Auto Parts Warehouse offers a searchable website and easy online ordering. The site also maintains a blog, publishing a mixture of auto repair news, product reviews and car care tips and information.


BlueStar Auto Inspections



Bluestar provides vehicle inspection reports for car buyers and sellers alike. It also hosts a blog filled with relevant car-care tips, from explaining how various vehicle systems work to how to handle common problems. The blog also hosts video content, much of which is promotional.





A blog with a focus on providing in-depth information to car owners and enthusiasts, CarBibles.com offers a wide selection of articles, tips, product reviews and even some light-hearted content for car lovers. Offering more in-depth information than many standard car maintenance overviews; giving readers a thorough understanding of vehicle systems and care.





Described as “tips for the avid car enthusiast,” the content of CarUnderstanding.com runs the gamut from car detailing and maintenance to product reviews and driving tips. Many of the articles are built around very specific questions, often answering queries that people may have always had but never found the answer to in another place.





CarInsurance.org is one of the largest and most thorough collections of car insurance topics on the internet. Articles span topics from state insurance statistics to buying policies and safe driving tips. Tips for drivers focus primarily on safety and accident prevention, but there are some more generalized car care and maintenance tips on the site as well.





Windshield wipers are a surprisingly complicated car part, with different vehicles demanding different types of wipers. EZWipers exists to make it easy to find and order wipers and blades that are guaranteed to fit. The site also includes a comprehensive guide about windshield wipers and how to find the right fit for your car.





One of the best-known names in car insurance, Geico also boasts a robust website filled with useful information for its customers and other car owners. The auto blog includes tips on driver safety, how to handle common car problems, what to do after an accident and more. There are also sections of the site devoted to household and personal finance topics.


Howcast Media, Inc.



Howcast offers informative how-to videos on a huge range of topics, from parenting to sports, finances and health. Videos are assembled into larger topic headings, such as the 29 videos that comprise the “How to Take Care of Your Car” guide. Each video tackles a specific task, from cleaning car battery terminals to changing headlights and checking brake fluid.





iFixIt is a community-written guide that offers repair advice and information about technology, from smartphones and game consoles to cars and cameras. Car repair guides are divided by vehicle make/model, but the search field allows visitors to locate the guide they need for a specific topic or questions.


It Still Runs



It Still Runs is a celebration of old cars, with articles and information geared toward used car buyers and people who drive older vehicles. The site provides a wealth of articles about old car maintenance and care, from classic auto show cars to aging daily drivers. Topics range from DIY guides to reviews and car history.





Well-known for delivering tips and advice for day-to-day living, Lifehacker is home to plenty of car advice as well. For anyone who wants to get started on DIY car care but doesn’t know where to begin, their guide on preventative maintenance is very thorough.


Mechanics Hub



A recruiting company for mechanics, especially diesel mechanics, Mechanics Hub is aimed at car care professionals. Aside from job postings and recruitment resources, the site also offers a toolbox of videos, articles, images and other content of interest to mechanics. The site’s forum provides a place for car enthusiasts to share information and ideas.


Nationwide Mutual Insurance



A well-known auto insurance company, Nationwide provides comprehensive information on home, finance, and auto insurance. Not only do they offer insurance advice, they have articles on car technology, maintenance and repairs.


Openbay Overdrive



Openbay Overdrive is a robust site offering plenty of car-related information with its combination of car industry news and resources for drivers.  Blog articles cover everything from maintenance and repair to seasonal considerations, car facts and history.


Protect My Car



Protect My Car is an extended warranty service that can be purchased for any vehicle, providing options for car maintenance, repairs and roadside assistance. There are also resources for auto insurance quotes and a robust company blog featuring car driving tips and other topics of interest to drivers.





Offering a wealth of information for car buyers, Samarins contains guides on a variety of car buying and care topics. The site offers reviews of used cars, SUVs and minivans. They have a comprehensive, illustrated, car-maintenance checklist is an especially nice one-stop primer for car owners looking for a few DIY solutions.


The Car Connection



Dedicated to making it easy to be an informed consumer, The Car Connection offers research resources and tips for buyers of new and used cars. The site also offers informative videos and articles covering a variety of car ownership tips, from buying and selling guides to car maintenance and insurance. Because the site is focused primarily on buying and selling, many of the car tips are built around these concepts, with information on car financing, insurance, test driving and more.





WonderHowTo is a website offering answers to the question “I wonder how to…” It includes life hacks of all kinds, from tech tricks to food hacks. There is an automobile section featuring tips and tricks about how to handle various maintenance tasks and car repairs.





Sporting the catchphrase “Be the Mechanic,” YOUCANIC is a site designed to empower car owners to handle more of their own DIY maintenance and repairs.  Basic and more in-depth DIY guides are available.  Visitors can ask questions and receive answers from other users. 

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An innovative website and mobile app, Aceable offers online driver’s education courses. The site offers paid courses for drivers in several states. It also offers free videos and articles about defensive driving, driver’s safety and general tips for safely navigating the road. Guides range from covering the basics to more complex topics like driving in inclement weather or navigating right-of-way.





CarInsurance.org offers a wide variety of articles on car insurance topics. Their “Car Safety Center” page provides a collection of articles and videos covering car safety and accident prevention. Tips range from practical preventative advice to information on what to do when an accident happens and how to deal with emergencies.





In addition to general information about buying and selling cars and what to expect from the process, DMV.org is also a resource of car safety information. The site includes information on learning about safety recalls and tips for accident-free driving.





Edmunds is a well-known resource for car buying and selling, featuring expert reviews of many different vehicles. There are also articles on vehicle safety, maintenance and other related topics.





A site focused on sport and recreation, etrailer.com offers product listings and reviews for towing hitches, recreational vehicles, RVs and more. In addition to product listings, the site also has an “ask the expert” section where relevant questions can receive detailed answers from the site staff.





RepairPal is part of a network of certified repair shops.  They provide car-specific advice and accurate repair estimates which are honored by shops in the network.  For those wanting to learn about a specific problem with their vehicle, common auto issues, care tips or read vehicle reviews, there’s plenty of resources available on the site.


The Safe Driver



An online resource for driving safety and driver’s education, The Safe Driver offers an exhaustive collection of how-to videos for driving tips. There are also articles and photo galleries related to driving safety topics.


Wheel Area



Wheel Area’s content is authored with RV, Jeep and ATV enthusiasts in mind. They also have information on general car-care topics, ranging from product reviews to driving tips.

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