Auto Leasing Guide

car-transport-mercedesEveryone is familiar with leases and how they work, but many consumers who decide to lease automobiles don’t completely understand the process. Either they try it and the lease turns out to be a bad idea for them, or they learn from others who have leased before and end up skeptical. it’s no surprise that some people are afraid of leasing.

The most common impression is that of a “rent-to-own” situation. Many well-meaning friends and colleagues who think of leasing as a legit form of scamming may be misinformed themselves. If you have asked about leasing and been advised against it, you’re most likely under the wrong impression. Before you write it off as a waste of time, it helps to learn more about the process and how it could benefit you.

The concept of leasing as a synonymous term for renting and rent-to-own is rather accurate, with slight but significant differences.

Leasing is one of the oldest concepts that are related to finance and has been widely used all over the world for a variety of purposes. Commercial buildings have been built on leases, and thousands of businesses have started from scratch using leased equipment and vehicles. However, the concept of leasing a car for your family or yourself may still be relatively unknown to you.

Here’s our Auto Leasing Guide to make understanding the ins and outs of auto leasing easier for you.

Auto Leasing 101

Lease vs. Buy – Which is Right for You?

The Basic Elements of an Auto Lease

Financial Lease Considerations

Negotiate Like a Pro

Assuming Someone Else’s Lease

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