Top Gearhead Sites on the Web

Our comprehensive list boasts over 80 of the Top Gearhead and Auto Enthusiast sites on the web. The list begins with sites geared toward all car fanatics and then it’s sorted by auto Make.  We’ve conducted extensive research to locate these niche sites and know avid auto enthusiasts and gearheads alike will find new sites to explore and enjoy.

To view sites by nameplate, use the links below.

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Sites for Auto Enthusiasts


95 Octane

Whether it’s a snazzy sports car, a reliable sedan or a beautiful luxury vehicle, 95Octane shares all the latest news. The goal of this site is to weed out “ugly” and “flat-out boring” cars from among all the vehicles on the market and highlight those in which readers show the most interest.



This blog, associated with the duPont REGISTRY, is the perfect place for lovers of luxury vehicles and supercars to get the latest news. BMW, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Tesla, Jaguar, Porsche and more are featured in news posts. The Lifestyle section covers events, shares stories about celebrities and their cars, and informs fans of upcoming “Cars and Coffee” shows.


Automotive Addicts

Founded as a hobby site in 2004, Automotive Addicts is geared toward “auto enthusiasts of all types.” Posts include detailed reviews of many kinds of cars, and readers can sort posts by brand to find information on their favorite vehicles. Content on the site is completely original, including videos and test-drive reports.


 Build Threads

People love to share stories and pictures of their automotive builds and Build Threads aims to curate as many of these forum-based “journals” as possible. From garage space to complete vehicle overhauls, fans of DIY builds and car customizations will find it here. New build thread submissions are encouraged.


Car Buzz

This online magazine features the latest news and reviews relating to dozens of vehicle brands from Acura to Wiesmann. Auto enthusiasts need only to click on their favorite brands to find a wealth of articles covering specific models. Some pages also include vehicle specs, trim information, current pricing and estimated gas mileage.

DrivingEnthusiast is the place to find any and all things related to cars, automobilia, driving and even car movies. With an accompanying Pinterest board boasting over 19,000 pins, this site has all a car lover could ask for and more. Browse posts by category, sub-category or brand to find interesting tidbits perfect for sharing with fellow auto fans.



This digital and print magazine is aimed at true gearheads who eat, sleep and breathe “the automotive life.” From news about vehicles and products to unique stories detailing “daring drivers” and “ultimate road trips,” Gearheads4Life has everything a vehicle enthusiast could want. Past magazines are available to read online using the Issuu platform.



Sharing news with “honesty, transparency and cheerful belligerence,” Jalopnik sets itself apart from other car news sites with its unique approach and attitude. Visitors are treated to information about cars, technology, the automotive industry, racing and more. Jalopnik has a blog for truck lovers (Truck Yeah), a daily auto news blog (The Morning Shift), and a garage section (The Garage).  The “What Car Should You Buy” section provides reviews and information to help with vehicle purchasing decisions.


Legendary Speed

Legendary Speed features curated news, videos and “clickbait” articles from around the web. Topics range from top 10 lists to local human-interest stories and almost always have something to do with unique cars or trucks. For those interested in sports cars, motorcycles or hot rods, the site has blog pages for each topic.


 My Car Forum

From active forums to a growing Pinterest board, this “official forum of” is a useful resource for auto lovers who want to get involved in a community of like-minded vehicle owners. Lifestyle articles and community blog posts keep visitors and forum members up to date on auto news from around the world.



Named after a carnival sideshow attraction also known as the “Wall of Death,” Silodrome is the home of all types of news, including stories aimed at car lovers and die-hard gearheads. In the “Cars” section, articles cover a wealth of car-related topics from around the world, including new vehicles, classics and concept models.


Speed Hunters

Focused on sharing “the world’s most exciting car culture stories,” Speed Hunters brings together people who love to drive, write about and take photos of cars to create content for fellow devotees to enjoy. The Speed Hunters team covers everything from drag racing to hot rodding, seeking out the best and brightest in the automotive world.



This blog hosted by Turo includes categories like Community, Insights, Gearheads and Wayfaring. Recent news has its own space on the site for those who want to know what’s going on with the company. Anyone looking to rent a car through the Turo service or sign up to rent their car out to others can do so through links on the blog’s homepage.

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Acura Connected

This magazine-style blog has everything an Acura fan could want. News articles keep devotees of the brand up to date on all things Acura, and posts can be sorted by model allowing visitors to easily find information on their favorites. Videos and photo galleries round out the site with engaging content for media lovers.


NSX Prime

As a hub for aficionados of the Acura NSX, NSX Prime aims to provide information and updates to die-hard NSX fans. A forum provides a space for NSX enthusiasts to gather and discuss everything they love about the car. Marketplace listings make it easy to find vehicles of all types for sale nearby.

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Aston Martin

Branded as “the unofficial Aston Martin news blog,” reports stories about upcoming vehicle models. A special section dedicated to the Vantage Turbo engine gives fans a look under the hood, and those seeking eye candy can check out the “Spots & Spy Shots” section to see Aston Martins “in the wild.”

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Audi World

With news archives dating back to 1998, helpful how-to posts, tech information, a fan forum and a marketplace, it’s easy to see why AudiWorld is “the world’s most popular Audi enthusiast website.” Audi fans can find resources like detailed road tests and a model guide to help them on the journey to becoming full-fledged Audi experts.



Looking to supercharge an Audi vehicle? Check out AudiBoost, just one of several sites included in the BoostAddict family of automotive resources. Delve into the fan forum for help with just about every aspect of performance enhancement and personalization, from powering up the engine to fine-tuning the motor. Image-rich articles provide additional news and information.



Fourtitude boasts itself as “the complete source for owners and enthusiasts of the automobiles produced by the Audi Brand Group.” Designed for dedicated Audi owners, Fourtitude brings together a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to a superior driving experience. The site provides an extensive collection of articles to inform and educate fans of all Audi vehicles past and present.



QuattroWorld was founded in 2009 as an alternative to another Audi enthusiast website and now houses a robust forum with hundreds of thousands of posts. Forum threads can be sorted by Audi model, social subject or region. From the homepage, Audi fans can browse all the latest news or take a look at photos of fellow devotees’ vehicles.

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Bentley Spotting


As “the Rolls-Royce of Bentley websites,” Bentley Spotting showcases a collection of photos, videos and blog posts featuring Rolls Royce and Bentley models spotted at auto shows or cruising around town. The archives house over 2,400 posts, all of which can be sorted by model, and a related Instagram account offers even more eye candy for Bentley lovers.

Owners and restorers of vintage Bentley models can find all they need on As “an international owner club support organization,” the site brings together information on as many vintage Bentley chassis numbers as possible. The art, photos, literature, and advertisement galleries are filled with images dating back to the early 1900s. Vintage Bentley owners are welcome to submit information, photos, videos, and more.

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“The ultimate site for the ultimate enthusiast” brings together a community of BMW fans to share information and help each other with DIY projects. The directory provides a way for BMW owners and aficionados to connect in real life. Forums offer a virtual space in which to gather, share photos and discuss all things BMW.

A site for fans of the BMW 3 series, covers the latest news, shares high-quality photos and encourages enthusiasts to join the community for free. Over 200,000 BMW owners and devotees are currently part of the site and participate in ongoing forum discussions on all topics related to the F30, F1, F32 and F33.



The goal of Bimmerfest is to “[bring] the BMW community together” in forums dedicated to model discussions, buying information and more. News, “spy shots” and vehicle rumors populate the homepage, and the “My Garage” section includes over 43,000 photos of treasured BMW vehicles shared by owners and fans. True enthusiasts can join the Facebook group for more BMW news.



News, forums and blog posts make up the website known as Bimmerpost. All the latest BMW information, including videos and auto show recaps, is readily available on the homepage and can be sorted by series for easy browsing. The forums are similarly divided, allowing owners and fans of specific BMW models to join discussions with like-minded site members.



This BMW news blog with an accompanying Facebook page and Twitter feed covers just about everything a BMW fan wants to know regarding the BMW brand. An extensive list of models and series numbers makes finding relevant posts a breeze, and a section dedicated to tuning caters to enthusiasts with a penchant for customizing their vehicles.

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Cadillac Society

The goal of Cadillac Society is to “unite Cadillac owners, enthusiasts and fans from around the world” by providing up-to-date information on Cadillac vehicles and creating an engaging forum environment. Owned and operated by Motrolix, the site shares news articles and records sales numbers relating to as many Cadillac models as possible.


The Cadillac Database

Owned by the Cadillac La-Salle Club Museum and Research Center, The Cadillac Database is a “virtual book” providing details about Cadillac models built in the years prior to World War II on through the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Chapters include historical information, sales literature and an extensive collection of photos spanning 100 years of Cadillac models.



Owners and fans of Cadillac XLR models released between 2004 and 2009 are encouraged to register their vehicles on XLR NET to help “keep an online, running history of every Cadillac XLR and XLR-V ever built.” An extensive database of information on all aspects of the vehicle makes for a robust site all XLR lovers can appreciate.

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Chevy HardCore

Chevy HardCore aims to be as high in quality as a print magazine while remaining free for Chevy enthusiasts to enjoy. It boasts “lightning-fast event coverage, up-to-the-minute news and [an] interactive format” to keep Chevy fans in the know. An extensive collection of tech articles provides an inside look at performance.


Super Chevy

This magazine dedicated to all things Chevy is available to true fans of the brand in both digital and print formats. Photos, videos and tech information provide extensive material every Chevy lover can appreciate. Super Chevy is also responsible for the Super Chevy Show, complete with drag racing and a performance marketplace.

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“Dedicated to the classic and modern Dodge Dart,” My Dodge Dart is a network of user-submitted Dodge Dart photos and information. Owners can submit their Darts to the site or browse featured vehicles by decade. The site also houses a collection of helpful links and a database of recent news articles related to Dodge vehicles.

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With over 50,000 views, Marchettino is a valuable resource for Ferrari fans. Blog archives date back to 2011; devotees of “supercars” can read auto news or browse past posts for a journey into recent Ferrari history. An accompanying channel on YouTube and pages on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter allow visitors to connect with others sharing their love of Ferrari vehicles.

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Designed for fans of Abarth brand vehicles, the goal of Abarthisti is “to promote mature, friendly and respectful discussion of all aspects of Abarth vehicle ownership.” The site centers around a forum for Abarth lovers and celebrates both new and vintage models. Fans can share vehicle information, videos and modification tips to enhance the Abarthisti experience.



www.fiat500usa.com_search_label_Alfa Romeo

Fiat 500 fans searching for a comprehensive source of information need look no further than Fiat 500 USA. This blog is packed full of specification data for Fiat 500 models ranging from 2012 to the present, and how-to articles make repairs and customizations easy. Fans can connect with other Fiat lovers around the web through the onsite forum.

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AllFordMustangs is “the world’s leading community for owners to share their passion for the Ford Mustang.” A magazine-style blog site featuring news, spy photos, reviews and event coverage. This site brings together everything Mustang fans need to stay on top of the latest developments and connect with others who share their love of the model.

A community for Ford Mustang enthusiasts, Shnack has everything from the latest Mustang news to an extensive listing of classifieds. Mustang fans can find reference guides, maintenance guides and owner’s manuals for a wide range of model years and browse photos of cars dating back to the era of the classics.

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A combination of a fan forum, blog and photo gallery, is the place for Honda Civic fans to meet. Site members discuss the technical aspects of the vehicles and share photos of their own cars for other members to view, comment on or give a “thumbs up.” Join for free to get in on the Civic fun.


Temple of VTECH

Fans of Honda and Acura vehicles can come together at Temple of VTECH to check out the latest news, share photos or participate in forum discussions. A dealer network populated with listings from the automotive dealers supporting the site offers an easy way to search for Honda and Acura models in the U.S. and Canada.

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What began as a mailing list is now “the oldest, largest and most comprehensive Jaguar enthusiast site in existence.” With a growing collection of informative blog articles and more than 100,000 registered members generating over 2 million forum posts, the site is primed to become the go-to spot for all lovers of Jaguar vehicles.


Jaguar Enthusiasts’ Club

“The world’s best Jaguar club” reflects the passion Jaguar owners have for their cars. Over 44 percent of club members have been part of the community for decades, enjoying the camaraderie of other Jaguar lovers around the world. The site contains information about every model and series of Jaguar ever released in a single comprehensive database.

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News, reviews and DIY articles combine to create a site made for “a man and his Jeep.” At, Jeep owners and aficionados can learn how to make the most of their vehicles by browsing years of posts. Videos provide more information in an engaging format, and a developing forum adds an interactive element to the site.



With information, reviews, photo galleries and more, Jeeperz is the online home for Jeep lovers. Members can look for a local chapter to meet other enthusiasts or start their own Jeeperz chapter for Jeep buffs in nearby cities. Forums are the heart of the site, bringing together a robust community of owners and fans.


Jeep Garage

Jeep fans looking for an online “garage” where they can show off their vehicles and connect with other Jeep lovers will feel right at home at Jeep Garage. Forum posts sorted by platform and an extensive knowledge base covering tech tips, modifications and enhancements both offer enough information to keep Jeep lovers happily busy.

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All a car buff could ever want to know about dozens of brands can be found on CARSCOOPS. Search for a specific make and model, such as the Koenigsegg Agera, to uncover articles, videos, reviews and more. With stunning photography and a regularly updated news feed, CARSCOOPS is the car lover’s source for up-to-the-minute information.


Koenigsegg Owners Club

As a free online club for Koenigsegg owners, this site is an excellent resource for news, photos, model information and more. Members gain access to discounts through car club insurance and can take advantage of the club trade directory to find or promote relevant businesses. Videos and reviews reveal more details about Koenigsegg vehicles both inside and out.


Unofficial Koenigsegg Registry

The Unofficial Koenigsegg Registry was established in 2009 and continues to serve the latest Koenigsegg news to owners and fans. Extensive information on all Koenigsegg cars ever produced is available in categorized blog posts or from a central “master list.” It’s everything a Koenigsegg lover could want in one simple site.

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Any Lamborghini lover with a passion for new or heritage models can find something to love on From the database of production models to the online virtual car configurator, this site boasts an impressive collection of information and tools. There’s even a collection of nearly 300 desktop wallpaper images available for paying members to download, all featuring Lamborghini models.

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Club Lexus

Club Lexus is a blog, news site and fan forum all rolled into one. Lexus lovers get access to news on a range of models and can browse the vendor directory to find just the right parts for keeping their vehicles in top shape. How-to guides and articles provide information on everything from washing to troubleshooting.




“The only Lexus-Toyota V8 forum in the world” brings together hot rodders and “horsepower junkies” looking for help taking their cars to the next level. Anyone interested in turning a Lexus into a racecar can find information, helpful tips and even parts on this site. Signing up is free and brings Lexus owners into a community of over 19,000 other enthusiastic fans.


Lexus Enthusiast

This site is privately kept and maintained by people who own and love Lexus vehicles. Started in 2007, Lexus Enthusiast is now the most popular independent online center for information, news and vehicle details. From existing models to concept cars, Lexus fans can find everything they need to know about their favorite brand.

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Lotus Enthusiast

Lotus Enthusiast aims to get the latest Lotus news to owners and fans before it hits the mainstream. Information comes from “around the world” and covers “all aspects of Lotus living.” The site also includes road test results, Lotus reviews, technical articles and announcements of upcoming events for Lotus lovers. More resources are being gathered to expand the site.

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Trident Net

Trident Net provides a unique source of information for Maserati lovers, with its mixture of Maserati reviews, vehicle test drive information and lifestyle posts. The staff “is made up of interesting and interested people” with an inherent love for Maserati vehicles and a desire to bring to their readers all the best the brand has to offer.

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MazdaMovement represents a worldwide group of Mazda lovers organized into chapters in many countries. The movement’s online presence includes a regularly updated blog with information about Mazda racing, MazdaMovement chapter activities and recent and upcoming events. Vehicle spotlights and “showdowns” add personality to posts, and video content keeps Mazda aficionados immersed in the culture surrounding the brand.


MazdaRoadster.Net is a forum with the atmosphere of an auto enthusiasts’ club created specifically for fans of the Miata. The site moderators encourage positive interactions and are committed to promoting a collective love for Miata vehicles. Involvement in local clubs is recommended, and the motto around the forums is “let’s have fun!” Registration is free and required to participate.

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AMG Market Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts

Articles, VIN information and interesting tidbits of history make AMG Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts the perfect spot for lovers of AMG models to gather. Fresh news stories and racing articles keep visitors informed, and a growing collection of manuals ensures vehicle owners always have the help they need to perform maintenance or troubleshoot problems.



Guest posts are welcomed on BenzInsider, a news blog dedicated to “bringing its visitors the latest and most interesting stories about the Mercedes-Benz Car Group.” Every post on the site relates to Mercedes vehicles in some way, whether it’s news, rumors, reviews or technology. Fans can find their favorite models using the drop-down menu or read popular posts featured in the sidebar.



The blog posts at Mercedes are “devoted to everything around Mercedes-Benz.” Official news and rumors, Mercedes “gossip” and an extensive photo gallery offer value to those looking for the latest on the brand. DIY enthusiasts will appreciate the collection of tech articles, maintenance tips and repair information. Posts can be sorted by category or tag.



As a highly active forum with hundreds of thousands of posts, SGMerc serves as the online presence for the Mercedes-Benz Enthusiast Club in Singapore. Anyone can participate in the forums or share photos by joining the community of over 10,000 members. Forum posts are open for unregistered visitors to browse, search and read at their leisure.

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Fans of the Mini can take a trip into the vehicle’s history on Minitorque. Blog archives house news, racing updates and hardware information for these economy vehicles. Forums keep the Mini love alive with all the latest news, fan and owner photos, event details and more. Sign up for free to get in on the conversation.

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Lovers of the Mitsubishi Eclipse 4G congregate at Club4G to discuss everything about their favorite vehicles. Regional forums make it easy to find local enthusiasts, and an online marketplace offers useful information about vendors and allows users to sell or buy parts.  Performance and technical information and DIY guides round out the resources on this site.

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Infiniti Magazine

Infiniti Magazine shares news about Infiniti luxury cars, providing information and updates to the community of enthusiasts surrounding the brand. Read recent posts or browse archives starting in 2015 to find the latest information on vehicle releases, upcoming vehicle models and more. Forums include discussion threads for fans to talk about Infiniti cars and SUVs.



“One of the longest tenured automobile sites on the web” aims to bring lovers of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles together in a forum where they can discuss all things pertaining to their favorite cars and SUVs. Founded in 1999, Freshalloy now represents a growing community of auto enthusiasts around the world with an interest in many different makes and models.

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Curated by Notey to deliver news tailored specifically to lovers of Porsche 911 vehicles, this blog feed brings together the best content from across the web. Visitors can browse over 2,000 stories covering news, vehicle specs, racing updates, and videos. Signing up for a free newsletter subscription brings the latest updates from the feed to email inboxes.

As “the web’s foremost destination for Porsche owners and automotive enthusiasts” with an interest in Porsche vehicles and related lifestyle. dishes up “original and entertaining content” in the form of advice, news stories, memorabilia information and resources for buyers. Fans seeking cars to purchase can browse the “For Sale” section to find the perfect vehicle.


Pelican Parts

Pelican Parts is more than an online catalog for Porsche parts and accessories. Porsche owners can find what they need to care for their cars, maximize vehicle performance, and conduct routine maintenance. Information is readily available in a variety of model-specific tech articles and an archive of “how to” guides spanning decades of Porsche vehicles.



Planet 9 is a forum featuring updates, blog posts and articles for Porsche enthusiasts. This comprehensive collection of information includes insights, stories, alteration details and more, all submitted by members of the worldwide community of Porsche lovers.  Users can submit photos of their vehicles to the gallery pages for others to enjoy.




This online magazine calls itself “your home of Porsche news” and delivers articles centered around Porsche 911 vehicles. Vendor profiles and an extensive collection of vehicle data files both make this more than a news outlet. Porsche enthusiasts can find specs, interior and exterior images, road recommendations and more to maximize their personal experiences with these vehicles.

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Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

Anyone wanting to know more about the Silver Spirit and Seraph models from Rolls Royce can find all the details on Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. From an extensive gallery of pictures to a section dedicated entirely to information and technical specs of Rolls Royce and Bentley vehicles, this site has everything for the luxury car fan.

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If the SOTW (Saab of the Week) image gallery isn’t enough to make Saab enthusiasts flock to this site, the directory of outlets still selling spare parts for these vehicles just might seal the deal. SaabsUnited is a blog dedicated to Saab news, stories and bringing together the most enthusiastic and die-hard Saab lovers in one online community.


Saab World

All things Saab can be found at Saab World. As lovers of “everything Saab,” the people behind this site ensure the legacy of Saab vehicles lives on through a collection of blog posts, vehicle brochures, videos, documents and more. Saab lovers can find nearby events at which to gather with other fans and share the Saab experience.

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Lovers of the Subaru WRX STI sports sedan can gather with fellow enthusiasts on the IWSTI forums where every discussion is about the STI. Vehicle photos, vendor deals, ongoing build projects and more can be found among the forum threads. Regional boards bring local Subaru fans together to share STI spottings or set up events at which to meet in person.

This forum for owners and lovers of the Subaru Impreza GC8 and RS features an area for participants to share their personal journeys as they modify their vehicles. A board dedicated entirely to technical information delivers useful DIY guides.  There’s a section for buying and selling, which grants easy access to the parts and accessories needed to complete any job.

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At Teslarati, everything is about the Tesla. All the latest news about the company, vehicle models, and Tesla technology keeps fans of these premium vehicles in the know. A special lifestyle section highlights the unique culture surrounding the brand. There’s even an interactive supercharger map to help Tesla owners pinpoint stations at which to charge their cars.

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Toyota Truck Club

Anyone who owns or loves Toyota trucks is welcome to join “the premier Toyota truck [and] SUV community.” Forum threads include general topics, specific technical information for each type of Toyota truck and SUV, broader tech discussions and sections listing vendors and dealers. Regional Toyota clubs have threads of their own so forum members can find fellow Toyota lovers nearby.


Land Cruiser Club

The Land Cruiser Club is the online “home of the Toyota Land Cruiser owner.” Land Cruiser enthusiasts from all over the world gather in the forums to discuss their vehicles and modifications, share technical information and add to the growing media gallery. Vehicle manuals are available for download to help with troubleshooting and customization.

With over 7,500 posts and counting, is a solid community for Toyota Supra lovers. Registration is free and grants posting access to a variety of forum threads. The “Garage” section allows members to share technical specs, vehicle and photos. Some content is still sparse because the site is growing, but the forums remain highly active.

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Classic VW Bugs

Lovers of the Classic Volkswagen Bug can have one restored to their specifications or apply to the “Find-A-Bug” program to get behind the wheel of the perfect classic Bug. “Build-A-Bug” involves complete restoration of a vehicle, usually a body off restoration, while “Find-A-Bug” takes the work out of locating and assessing a restored vehicle.



Where can fans of Volkswagen models released prior to 1967 find vehicles for sale, technical information, photo galleries and videos from VW shows? Pre67VW has all of this and more for classic VW lovers. A detailed history section follows the brand from its start through the release of the “New Beetle” informing on key players in vehicle development.



With more than a million unique visitors every month, VWvortex deserves its self-proclaimed title as “the definitive online source for the latest information on Volkswagen brands.” This magazine-style site features the latest vehicle and aftermarket news, motorsports updates and an active forum for Volkswagen aficionados from around the world. Stunning photo galleries showcase all the best of the brand.


Buses With Attitude

When Buses with Attitude was founded in 2002, it was a unique concept embraced by a few enthusiastic owners of split-screen Volkswagen buses. Today, the club continues to grow and welcomes members whose buses can cover a quarter of a mile in less than 18 seconds. Prospective racers must be approved by the club’s founders.



Volkswagen TDI enthusiasts are encouraged to join the forums at TDIClub, create posts, share images and meet in person at “TDI Fest.” Informative articles and “how to” information add value to the site. With over 108,000 members and more than 5 million posts, TDIClub is a robust community where TDI lovers can find kindred spirits.

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Swedespeed shares “coverage of all things Volvo” with fans around the world. Categories include recent news articles, road test reports, chronicles of ongoing modification projects and featured vehicles submitted by fans. In the forum, Volvo owners can find the parts, advice and technical information they need to keep their vehicles in top shape.

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