Assuming Someone’s Car Lease

Want to know how to get the best deal and pay the lowest possible price for your leased car? The best way to drive the latest model car and pay a fraction of what other leased car owners are paying is to take over an existing car lease. This is an option for those who don’t want to take out a new lease, but don’t want to buy a new car, either.

Some car leases were obtained several months prior when the money-saving deals were a dime a dozen in the market. Unfortunately, the downturn in the economy left millions out of a job, and now, many people want out of their car leases because they cannot afford even the lowest amounts of monthly payments.

Assuming Someone's Car Lease

Instead of looking at it like you’re taking advantage of someone else’s suffering or financial distress, think of it as helping someone out. Lease companies allow transfer of lease to those who can pay, at a small transfer fee, to provide a way out for those who can no longer afford car leases.

The original deal that the first lessee got may not be available to you anymore. But since you are “inheriting” the deal, you can continue paying the same low monthly lease, with no down payment and upfront sales tax. Some lease sellers also offer cash incentives to soon-to-be inheritors.

Many companies have seen the demand for leases that need new owners. Online company acts as matchmaker between people who want to transfer their car lease.

Their target market are people who want to take over a lease.

Their inventory of lease transfer vehicles is huge because of the high demand. Find a car you like and view the terms and conditions at to get started. The company also helps arrange the lease transfer, and finds a lease company to facilitate and speed up the process.

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