How to Transport a Car Purchased on eBay

A car can be one of the most expensive things you ever buy, so when you’re in the market for a new (or used) set of wheels, you want to try and get the car of your dreams for the lowest possible price. These days, one of the best ways to get a new car for a great price is to buy it on eBay. Now people have got used to buying a car without the usual tire-kinking and a test drive, using eBay to buy cars on the other side of the country has become very popular.

How to Transport a Car Purchased on eBay

But the problem most buyers face is getting the car from where they’ve bought it to where they want to drive it. So how do you ship a car that you bought on eBay? Hint: you will want to check auto transport reviews to avoid getting scammed.

If this is your first online car purchase, you might assume that the best option is to go and collect the car yourself. However, this is generally the most time consuming and expensive way to collect a vehicle. As well as the time it takes to get to the seller’s location, there’s all the time it will take to drive back, not to mention the cost of fuel and hotels that’s going to eat into any savings you made by buying online. On top of that, there’s all that additional mileage you will be adding on to the car just to get it home, and the possibility that it might get damaged on your long road trip.

With this method, your car could actually be worth less when you get it home than when you set off! While this might be the first car transport option most buyers consider, it’s not always the best.

As an alternative, you could hire someone to drive your car form the seller’s location to your home. While this certainly saves you having to spend hours or maybe days traveling across the country, it could be quite expensive, and you still have the issue of your car clocking up all those extra miles, and the potential for an accident along the way. Plus, if you’ve bought an expensive vehicle, or perhaps a classic car, would you really be happy trusting someone else to drive it all the way across the country for you?

More and more eBay buyers are finding that the best way to get their purchase from one side of the country to the other is to use the services of an interstate car transport company. With different options to suit your requirements, including enclosed car transport for vintage or expensive cars, these organizations are specialist in moving cars long distances, and offer a cost-effective and convenient way of getting your purchase onto your driveway.

If you’re planning on using one of these companies to deliver a car you bought online, there are a couple of things you need to bear in mind.

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Always compare car shipping quotes from a few different businesses to make sure you get value for money. The cheapest car transport quote might not necessarily be the best, so make sure you consider what’s includes in the service, and how much insurance cover your car will have. Some movers will have particular experience of dealing with online purchases, so while they might cost a little more, it could be worth the extra investment to make sure the process goes smoothly

Car transportation services usually have a number of requirements that will need to be met before they will ship your car to another state. Most will need to see the appropriate documentation, obtain keys for all the locks on the car, and make sure the car is empty of all personal belongings. As you won’t be there when the car is collected, you’ll need to make sure the person you’re buying the car from is happy to meet all these requirements and deal with the mover when they show up.

If you want a new car and you’re keen to find a bargain, eBay might be the best place to look; and with the knowledge that a good car transporter can collect your car from wherever it might be, you can look all over the country to make sure you find the best deal.

Interstate car transport is a huge industry with some reputable and some not so reputable companies out there.
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