7 Tips to Selecting the Perfect Moving Company

Remove some of the stress associated with moving by selecting the right moving company for your needs. Not all moving companies are created equal. Keep reading to discover seven valuable tips on how to select a moving company to suit your specific needs and wants.

7 Tips to Select the Right Moving Company

1. Research the Local Moving Companies

You can avoid fly-by-night moving companies by doing diligent background research when searching for a suitable moving company. Look up a few local moving companies online to discover how long each of them has been in business, whether they’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and the names and backgrounds of the owners.

You should also be able to easily find contact information, photos, customer philosophy, and the company’s physical location. If you can’t find a professional website for a moving company, you might want to mark them off your list.

2. Ask About the Types of Services Offered

Decide what type of moving services you need and match them with a moving company that can provide those for you. Moving-associated services that are typically available with some companies include packing your belongings, loading and unloading the moving truck, and transporting your household goods in a moving truck to your new home.

Some companies offer secure overnight storage of your belongings on the moving truck at their facility. If you need a few pieces of your furniture disassembled to put it on a moving truck, check to see if a company provides it.

3. Check Out Customer Reviews

A good place to check out the efficiency, reliability, and satisfaction of past customers is online reviews of a moving company that you’re considering. The more reviews and the higher overall rating with multiple reviews is a positive sign that the company is one you might like to hire.

Weigh the positive comments against any negative reviews. Sometimes disgruntled, irrational past customers have a tendency to voice their opinions loud and clear in a review, so sort through the reviews carefully.

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4. Evaluate the Moving Company’s Professionalism

In addition to searching for a professional website, there are other ways to rate the professionalism of a moving company that you’re thinking about hiring.

For example, when you call a moving company, do they:

  • Answer the phone in a business-like manner?
  • If you left a message, did they return your call promptly?
  • Did they seem polite and knowledgeable?
  • Were they in a hurry to hang up or did they give you time to ask questions?

If a moving company doesn’t act like your business is important to them, don’t give it to them.

5. Get a Detailed Explanation of Pricing

You need to be aware of how a moving company charges for their services or you may end up with unexpected expenses that you weren’t initially aware of. Ask them how they charge for their moving services. Is it an hourly rate for the mover’s services? Do they charge more for a three-man crew as opposed to a two-man crew? How much do they charge per mile for your move? What is the charge for each size of their moving trucks and what size will you need? Is there an additional charge for moving pads, a dolly, and packing materials?

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6. Inquire About Payment Options

You need to know in advance what type of payment a moving company accepts, as well as other payment-related details. For example, some companies accept cash, personal checks, or major credit cards while others may take only specific credit cards without taking personal checks or cash. Is there a deposit required to book a moving company’s services on a specific date? What if you need to change your moving day or cancel their services, will your deposit be refunded to you? In addition, inquire about when the final payment is due to the moving company after your move.

7. Get Moving Cost Estimates in Writing

Avoid relying solely on a verbal commitment and estimate with a moving company you’ve selected. They should send you an estimate of your moving costs with their company based upon moving-related information you’ve provided to them. The costs should also be broken down within their pricing structure. Request an email, fax, or text of your moving cost estimate, as well as what could fluctuate within the estimate. Also, ask them for a receipt for any down payment that you’ve paid to them.

The more information you have on what to know and ask before hiring a moving company is to your advantage. Use these seven tips to help you make an informed decision on hiring the right moving company for your next move. It’s wiser to get your questions answered before you contract with a moving company than to be unpleasantly surprised by policies you weren’t aware of after hiring them.   

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