How to Transport Your Car to Another State

Transport Your Car to Another State

Perhaps you have sold your car to a buyer in another state? Maybe you have made the decision to move? Either way, now you find yourself asking what is involved in transporting cars to another state?

If you are moving, the idea of packing up and moving all of your stuff to your new state is probably not something you find appealing. Over the years, you will have gathered so many personal items and treasured possessions that the process of packing them away can take quite a while.

Of course, you will also need to consider what to do about one of your most valuable assets: your vehicle. As a new retiree, you won’t want to be cooped up in your house all day, and you will need your car for getting around your new state once you arrive. You could always drive the vehicle, but that takes ages and can potentially add thousands of miles to the odometer. Besides, there is a much better option available: ship your car.

In particular, shipping your car to states such as Florida, California, New York or Texas are some popular options. But when you are shipping a car from state to state, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind.

How long does it take to ship a car from state to state?

Auto shipping works much like any other form of shipping. It is an easy way to transport your vehicle from one place to another. In the case of auto shipping, your car will usually be loaded up on to a transportation truck or flatbed and driven to your destination state. At that point, it will get unloaded, signed off on, and you will be able to hit the road in your new town.

How long it will take to transport car to another state is based on several items. And it includes your own planning time. We recommend booking your pickup date several weeks out. This will improve your odds of finding a car shipper than can meet your delivery date requirements because your might be one of the first cars scheduled on their interstate car shipment.

Less expensive auto transport companies tend to have very strict schedules and their timeline may not fit what you are looking for. In this case, moving your car across several state lines could take 3 weeks.

If you find a more efficient car shipper and are willing to pay a bit more (usually worth it), you can expect between 7-14 days for your car to be shipped across several states. Keep in mind that things do happen that can affect your delivery date. Adverse weather conditions and mechanical problems make it difficult to guarantee a single delivery date. So, give yourself a little flexibility when planning your delivery.

Ship a Car Across State Lines

How much does it cost to ship a car to another state?

There is, unfortunately, no simple answer to a question about the cost of auto shipping, as it will always vary from case to case. A few main factors determine your shipping costs, such as the distance to be covered, the size of your vehicle, and the speed of delivery.

The final cost of shipping your car will depends on what kind of service you require, as well as the type of vehicle you want moved and how far you want to move it. Car shipping quotes will vary from one company to the next, so using a website to find a reputable firm to provide you with an exact quote to ship a car across country.

If you are looking for ballpark estimate, if you’re looking to ship an average car from New York to California, you should expect to pay between $900 and $1,100. When you ask for a price sto ship your car across state lines, ask for a detailed list of what exactly what is included and what will cost extra.

Will your car be safe during transportation?

Shipping your vehicle in this way is one of the safest ways to move it from one place to another. Your car is much less likely to be damaged during auto shipping than it would be if it were driven across the country instead. That is because your vehicle will be securely fastened to the trailer at all times, meaning it is high off the ground and away from any loose stones or debris that might be flying around. Of course, the truck is also driven by a highly trained and experienced driver who knows how to deal with just about any potential danger.

In the unlikely event that something does happen to your vehicle during the shipping process, your auto shipper’s insurance will almost certainly cover the cost. If you select a state to state auto shipping company with a reputable insurance policy, you won’t have to worry about much.

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