Buying an Automobile: Where to Start

A new car can be bought from a franchised dealership, and there’s always one or more brand nearby in every city. If you want to purchase a brand new car, a dealer ‘s shop is where you should go to first. But some of the best places to start looking for cheap buys are the second hand car store.

Pre-owned, or as others would say “pre-loved”, cars have become more than just an alternative for car buyers. Some consumers never purchase new cars and only go for second hand cars. The primary reason is price. A brand new car costs more than a second hand car. Some second hand cars are also so well-maintained that they look brand new. Many car owners sell even when the car is still in working order for several reasons, including the desire to get a better model and a lifestyle change (moving to another state or country).

If you’re a new buyer or if you want to know where to start shopping for a car, read on for our tips.

Used Car Dealers

Over the decades, the second hand automobile business has blossomed. There are as many second hand car shops are there are dealerships in one city, and for good reason. Because cars have become more than just transportation tools, many consumers are choosing the trendiest models. Some consumers swap out cars that have hardly been used for the sake of owning a better-looking car.

What to expect in a used-car superstore? Expect to see a wide array of car models. Some of the larger stores keep an inventory of over two hundred used cars. In fact, the whole store looks like a gigantic parking lot. If you’re planning on going, make sure you devote the whole day to window shopping because you want to see each car in the inventory individually.

Many of the cars in second hand shops are old models. These vehicles originate from car auctions that are exclusive to car dealers. One of the advantages of purchasing your car from the second hand store is you get a warranty for your second hand car. This isn’t always an option if you buy your used car through other means, like your neighbor selling you his old car because he’s buying a new one. When you check the warranty these second hand car stores provide, you’ll notice that the coverage is similar to that provided by warranty from brand new car dealers.

Buy a Brand New Car

Dealerships keep a large inventory, which is almost as large as that of a second hand car store. Of course, when you get to the store, most of the time you will only see the latest model on display. But brand new cars of recent models are nearly always available, especially the ones that cater to a bigger market, like SUVs. But if you’re looking for collector cars that you can customize and modify all you want, you’re not going to find one in a brand new car store.

What some buyers do not know is that new car dealers also sell second hand or used cars. Some auction off the cars traded to them to clear their inventory, while others offer them at lower prices to customers. The thing is that a car dealer will probably invest more cash into reconditioning (compared with a second hand car dealer). There is better probability of selling the car if it is in the best condition possible.

New car dealers accept trade ins for a reason. They can sell new models and have the opportunity of selling another, slightly used, car. Most people trade in their cars for the chance to own the latest model and not because their cars are no longer working well. Thus, most trade-ins to dealers are in nearly perfect condition and need only the most minimal reconditioning to pass as brand new again.

How about the price? Second hand car prices are always negotiable, even when you’re buying the vehicle from a new car dealer. Admittedly, getting your vehicle from a second hand car warehouse is almost always less expensive. Some new car dealers also try to divert your attention to a car model that doesn’t sell well in their inventory. They argue that you’ll get a brand new car at approximately the same price you would pay for the second hand car.

Small-scale Dealers

Many enterprising individuals that love cars usually ease into the role of a dealer. These small used car dealers can be found in every state, and they prefer to keep their operations on a small scale. Most of the time, they trade and sell no more than twenty cars. It is relatively less complicated to negotiate with small companies, and you’ll probably get the car at the price you want. However, take note that the car may not be as well-maintained. Whatever amount of cash you save on the purchase may eventually go to extensive repairs.


  1. My friend Bert wants to buy a used car since he’s been using his old one for over seven years now. He had to purchase a new one because his old one has a lot of major technical issues. With that, he asked me to accompany him in looking for a good one in a car dealership. I like what you said that when we go shopping for a used car, we must devote the whole day to see each car in the inventory individually so we may be able to get the best car.

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