Car Covers and Its Many Protective Advantages

Two men working in a car shop taking off a car cover from a vintage car

Car covers keep your vehicle clean when you’re not driving it and protects the paint from fading due to ultraviolet light. These products keep snow off cars, pickup trucks, and sport utility vehicles during the winter and protect them from tree leaves, seeds and sap the rest of the year. 

Protective Advantages

Birds and insects won’t do their business on your car’s beautiful paint job when you have the vehicle covered with a high-quality product. You’ll never find little cat paw prints tracking dirt on the trunk or hood. Dust and sand from the general environment also won’t settle on your vehicle’s paint. Instead, these substances land on the car cover. In our post about Car Transport Reviews, we’ve listed important ways to avoid when transporting a car – and a car cover can help out as an additional piece.

Relevant Statistics

More than 70 percent of passenger vehicles in the United States are not kept in a garage or an enclosed storage unit. A large number are parked in lots at apartment complexes. Many single-family homes and duplexes do not have off-street parking, so vehicle owners must keep their cars on the street. In other cases, a garage is available, but the residents store so many belongings inside that there isn’t enough room for their vehicles.

Car Covers in Classic Cars

Protective covers are especially important for classic cars. Older vehicles were manufactured with materials that are more susceptible to corrosion. People who live in regions that treat roads with salt in the winter typically don’t drive their classic cars during this season. Nevertheless, as the automobiles sit in storage, they are vulnerable to paint damage from dust and other bits of debris that settle on the exterior.

Available Car Covers

You can buy a really cheap car cover, but these products aren’t likely to provide all the results you want. Certain kinds of materials do not offer complete UV protection, for example. You don’t want a car cover that tears easily or that is vulnerable to developing tiny holes that rainwater can seep through. If your region is susceptible to severe storms, you may want a padded or inflatable cover that can stop the damage from hail. 

It may not matter to you what color your car cover is, or you might have a specific preference. Black, silver, and gray are common choices, but you can also find these items in red, blue, beige, and other hues. 

Concluding Thoughts

These effective products provide numerous advantages for protecting vehicles. Before starting to shop, make a list of the features that are most important to you and then take a look at pricing. Soon you’ll have the car cover you need to keep your vehicle looking great.

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