Does Your Car’s Engine Need Attention? 7 Warning Signs of Trouble Ahead

man on the side of the road checking his car engine.

The car’s engine is the beating heart of your vehicle, and it’s essential to keep it in good shape. Minor issues that aren’t attended to can quickly grow, eventually leading to failure. As well as being a danger when driving, a failed engine is expensive to fix, especially with a catastrophic failure that damages other parts.

Our auto transport reviews post suggested that you must be your own inspector if you are transporting your car with a help of a company. It will save you a lot if you check both interior and exterior of the vehicle.

How do you know when your car’s engine needs a little attention? Here are seven signs to watch out for.

1) Lit Car Engine Light

If the ‘check engine light illuminates on your dash, book an inspection at your local repair shop without delay. The light switches on whenever power from the engine drops without a good reason. It might be a minor issue that’s easily fixed, but ignoring it could lead to serious problems, so get it checked out.

2) Sluggish Power or Complete Loss

If you have a full tank of fuel and the engine is turning over, but there’s no power output to get you moving, then there’s likely a mechanic problem in either the compression or combustion parts of the engine. Both can be sizable problems and can mean the engine needs a complete replacement. However, an experienced mechanic can quickly isolate the problem, and can make a quick and inexpensive fix.

3) Increasing Fuel Consumption

Do you need to fill the gas tank more often than you used to? Falling fuel efficiency can have many causes, but it’s often the first sign of engine problems. So have it investigated before the issue goes too far.

4) Unusual Car Engine Noises

If your car’s usual silky purr is spoiled by rattling, hissing, or popping noises, there’s likely some obstruction in the fuel flow. The problem could be minor but a mechanic will be able to put your mind at ease with a quick inspection.

5) Strange Smells

If you smell exhaust fumes while driving, it could signify that the engine is putting out more gases than the system can handle. A smell of gas probably indicates a problem with the fuel intake, while an odor of burnt oil usually means there’s a seal or gasket failure. But whatever the specific smell, it’s unlikely to be good news or a sign of perfect engine health, so don’t ignore it.

6) Frequent Stalls

Modern cars shouldn’t stall under normal driving conditions, especially with today’s advanced transmissions. There could be a simple blockage in the fuel line or something more serious if the car’s engine cuts out for no reason. However, stalling itself can cause damage, so schedule an inspection before things get any worse.

7) Continued Running

On the other hand, if the engine continues to run for a little while once the ignition is turned off, usually with a sputtering sound rather than a smooth one, then there’s likely a problem with the gas-air mixture. This problem is most common in performance vehicles but it’s a warning sign you shouldn’t ignore.

A complete and sudden engine failure can often be too expensive to fix. This is mostly found in an older car with aging parts and a lower overall value. If you spot any of these warning signs, get your car checked over as soon as you can to nip any problems.

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