Electric Cars: GM Commits to 30 This Decade

An electric car in color black is charging to its full battery.

Electric cars are on the trend today because of their environmental advantage. But sometimes it is difficult to separate the hype from the sound buying advice. When it comes time to buy your next car, will it run on electricity, gas, diesel, or some exotic combination? Will it help or hurt the environment, and will you be able to afford a more environmentally friendly alternative?

One way to answer these questions is to listen to the news. GM recently made big news when they announced it was committing to no less than 30 electric cars this decade. That is a major commitment. But this serves as further proof that the future of transportation is cleaner and greener than ever before.

Tesla may be soaking up all the headlines with its larger-than-life CEO. The industry stalwarts like General Motors are clearly not left out of the equation. In fact, GM may actually have the edge on its upstart competitors with more than a century’s worth of innovation and success driving its future innovations.

With this new announcement, GM is making it crystal clear that electric cars are not a flash in the pan or an aim at well-heeled drivers. Instead of electric cars being the odd ones out, GM sees them as the new standard. Indeed, GM has now announced its commitment to an all-electric future; committing to produce 30 such vehicles by 2025 is only the beginning.

For practical buying advice, what this means for drivers is that their next cars are likely to be electric. It is clear that electric cars have a number of built-in advantages such as fuel economy and cost of ownership. It is also environmentally friendly design and compliance with future regulations as well.

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