How to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

prepare your car for winter

The winter season can be tough on your vehicle, and the time to prepare is already growing short. If you wait until the snow is falling and the roads are coated with ice, it could already be too late.

Now is the time to get your vehicle winter ready. With just a few simple upgrades, you can enhance your safety and get ready for the road ahead. Here are some timely winter upgrades to get your vehicle ready for the coldest time of the year.

Improve Your Blizzard Vision with New Wiper Blades

Even if you think your windshield wiper blades are fine, it never hurts to give them an upgrade. When the snow begins to fall and you find yourself in the middle of a blizzard, you will need clear vision more than ever.

Changing your wiper blades now is the best way to improve your visibility later, so take a few minutes to get a brand new pair. Look for wiper blades designed for winter driving – they are more rugged and better able to clear away ice and snow.

Stop the Slide with a New Set of Winter Tires

All season tires are fine most of the time, until they aren’t. When the roads are icy and the snow is falling, winter tires will give you extra traction in those difficult conditions.

That difference in winter traction could mean the difference between a close call and an accident, and you should seriously consider this winter upgrade. You can always put your all season tires back on once spring arrives.

Pack a Cold Weather Emergency Kit

You never know when a sudden snow squall will leave you stranded or an ice storm will leave the roads impassable. When you venture out in the winter, you need to be ready for anything, and that is where your emergency kit comes in.

Hopefully you already have a basic emergency kit in your trunk – if not, now is the time to get one. Your winter emergency kit should also contain basic supplies like a warm blanket, extra food and a set of road flares. Think about what you might need in a winter weather emergency, and then pack your kit accordingly.

Test and Top Off Your Antifreeze

When the temperature drops, your antifreeze will become more and more important. Now is the time to make sure this vital fluid is up to the job, so ask your mechanic to put it to the test.

If your antifreeze has lost its potency, a quick flush and fill can set things right, so you will be ready for the worst winter has to offer. If your antifreeze is still in good shape, ask your mechanic to top it off, and then check the level each time you gas up.

Winter driving season is almost here, and now is the time to get ready. Getting your vehicle winter ready now can keep you safe later, so you can face those challenging roads with confidence.


  1. Taylor Hansen says

    I’m glad you mentioned getting new wiper blades and topping off antifreeze before winter. My car had problems last winter and I’m afraid that will happen again this winter. I’ll have to take it to the shop and make sure nothing unexpected will happen to it.

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